Many strategies we implement at Executive Joe involve a strong use of social media presence. But unlike other companies that just mindlessly post to social media on your behalf, we truly take our time to understand your current standings within the industry. We will dig into your analytics and data to help clarify and produce new opportunities, as we chart a specific and measurable plan for long-term social media success. We then optimize your content and brand message according to the best approach of every social media platform, building the trust you need to succeed. Our three critical components are to build brand awareness, promotion, and communication!

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What We Offer

Our services revolve around specific focus points:

  • Business Consulting – Our main focus. We help you strategize the best approach for growing your business, whether that be through the use of social media or numerous other business avenues.
  • Entrepreneurial Coaching – Our business experts will help strategically grow your business past local recognition towards global growth.
  • Complimentary Marketing – Strong marketing strategy, content, and marketing push without the need for login or access credentials.
  • Social Media Marketing – Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, or any other social network, we create the content you need to build your presence online.
  • Email Marketing – Although it may not seem like it, email marketing is still alive and well, and actually remains one of the most effective ways to reach an audience. We design, develop and deliver emails at the rate you choose within your package.

Our Hourly Package

Our A La Carte package is an hourly deal that comes in at $249 per hour. This package allows you to choose which type of service you want to focus on, including, comprehensive advising, document review, subject matter expertise, and an expert report.

This package is best for businesses who may already have an understanding of their strategy, but simply need some guidance on how to implement it.


Executive Package

Our executive package comes in at $499 a month with a setup fee of $249.

Within this package, you will receive all items found in our A La Carte hourly option along with

  • Operations consulting

  • Strategy consulting

  • Marketing consulting

  • 1 hour of coaching per week

This package is perfect for new or already established businesses that require complete guidance on how to best operate, but would rather handle their social media presence on their own.