Public Relations

Public Relations is an incredible opportunity to work with the community to grow exposure for your business.  Public Relations is not a simple purchase of clicks or banners on a web page.  Public Relations is the industry of a delicate strategy of encouraging media outlets to place attention on your business while encouraging a positive outlook on the business.

 Digital Marketing

Growth Acceleration Services


The Growth Acceleration Services (GAS) ignites your business with the momentum that ensures success. GAS is comprised of 3 levels of robust business development: Executive Express, Regional Executive and CEO. All of which offers business owners the core resources that are needed to succeed at a price they can afford. The Executive Express is a package of the essential resources needed to own and operate a successful business; marketing development, legal support and quarterly bookkeeping. These resources are critical when just starting out and the business needs to grow fast. It is imperative that your company survives, you need not only the right resources for that survival but you need to be able to access those resources at an affordable price. Executive Joe as already found those resources and packaged them for you at a great price with a great experience.

  • Webpage Design and Development

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Professional web presence give your customers a place to review, learn, compare and purchase your products or services. This is another small business essential.


  • Email Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing Advertising Strategy Concept Banner Background
What good is business without customers or clients. We start out by reviewing your product or service
and find the prospects that fits your target customer and revolve an email marketing campaign around them. This is a great way to gain exposure to your business.

  • There are over 2 billion daily social media users globally.  Social media is a strong way to expand your business.  We produce the content and update your posts for Instagram and Facebook.
  • Sales Team Resources


    We researched and developed the ultimate small business package that covers all of your day to day needs without the costs involved in hiring an executive assistant or the time to find someone to do document drafting or set appointment reminders. We have developed a small business executive assistant service that encompasses a number of tools and additional assistance to ensure the success of your business. Some of the things included in this service include:

    • Appointment scheduling
    • Live phone answering
    • Appointment reminders
    • Call screening
    • Outbound Sales