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We can make your footprint BIGGER.

  • 70% of the worlds purchasing power is located outside of the United States
  • U.S. exports of goods and services totaled $2.1 trillion in 2011
  • Small and mid-size companies account for 98% of US exporters
  • In 2008 6.8 million jobs were supported by exporters.

In other words…….we know global.

Executive Joe has really synthesized global business data to really be effective for growing American small business in a new market.  We are focused and empowered to really expand or start an venture for small businesses in international markets and we want to help you strengthen you your international success rate.  We offer a number of services that from market research to translation services for your international business.

Our services include:

Market Research

Marketing Development and Implementation

Retail Location Analysis and Placement

International Talent Search and Selection

Collaborative Advantage Opportunity Review

International Service Delivery Audits

International Projection Reporting

Cost Conservation Strategy

Venture Viability Analysis

Market Entry Strategy


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Reference: International Trade Administration. Exporting Is Good for Your Bottom Line. (accessed April 20, 2016)