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We Are Small Business

Who We Are

We are a small business management consulting firm serving the entire United States.  Our specialty encompasses many industries some of which include: Healthcare, Retail, Real Estate, and Financial Services to name a few.  Our key competencies within these industries are: Marketing, Operations and Strategy.  Our team is comprised of over a dozen of some of the most competitive, intuitive, driven professionals in the industry.  We all having one focus in mind; producing high impact, effective solutions with long standing positive results. From your first encounter with Executive Joe you will clearly experience the intense drive each one of our associates have to create meaningful value for your company.  Our team has well over a century of combined experience in these industries.  Experience that can fast track your business goals in more ways than you could imagine.

Our Focus

We have a passionate resoluteness to take the average business approach and utilize a more effective business executive approach.

Healthcare has been a topic of discussion more and more in recent years.  Healthcare costs are rising for patients, doctors and hospitals alike.  There is a concerning burnout issue that is plaguing providers which is directly impacting care quality.  Lastly, due to resent healthcare laws and procedural changes physician compensation and hospital profits are being affected.  We have combed through healthcare management processes and we build and continue to build solutions for the healthcare industry that reduces cost, reduce burnout, increases staff morale and increase profits and profitability.

As we embark on a global business front, small and mid-size businesses are being impacted like never before.  Consumers are now turning to online shopping from traditional websites to buying items though other online avenues such as mobile sites and apps for direct shipping or in store pick ups.  Our team closely follows the pulse of small business with solutions that bridge technology, global business, brand development and other solutions to SMB.

Financial Services.
Between banking, asset management and other financial services have been seeking a change as regulators, new laws and process are impacting the industry.  Updated changes like the Frank-Dodd Act and other regulations have implications that may be detrimental to the health of some financial institutions.  We here at Executive Joe fortify those weak points in your firm to ensure its longevity

Our Competencies

We don’t just consult, invoice billable hours then move on.  We comprehensively assess your company and then infuse our results driven, high impact strengths into your company.

We take success very seriously and we pride our consultancy on having an entirely custom approach for each individual client.  We have decades of business development experience and we provide your business with the best the industry has to offer to small business. Our process works like this: You contact us.  We schedule a totally free consultation.  We choose the best service(s) to fit your needs.  We begin working immediately.  It’s that simple.

After assessing your strengths and opportunities we will prepare a development strategy that can begin as soon as a week from the initial consultation.  Campaigns may focus on promotional events, dynamic sales initiatives, brand development, community impact programs, customer focus reviews, inventory alternatives, staffing opportunities and/or much more depending on your business needs.



Our $10,000 Guarantee

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Exceptional Service

We take pride in giving you the best solutions to build your business. We make our services easy and simple while we remain committed to providing exceptional personalized service. We guarantee that you will experience quality service and a great client experience.


Our Vision

We here at Executive Joe are passionate about seeing small businesses succeed.  Major corporations are succeeding with the help of extensive legal teams, strategy analyst, accounting firms and board leadership, we provide small business with that support without the exorbitant costs involved.




Growth Acceleration Services


The Growth Acceleration Services (GAS) ignites your business with the momentum that ensures success. GAS is comprised of 3 levels of robust business development: Executive Express, Regional Executive and CEO. All of which offers business owners the core resources that are needed to succeed at a price they can afford. The Executive Express is a package of the essential resources needed to own and operate a successful business; marketing development, legal support and quarterly bookkeeping. These resources are critical when just starting out and the business needs to grow fast. It is imperative that your company survives, you need not only the right resources for that survival but you need to be able to access those resources at an affordable price. Executive Joe as already found those resources and packaged them for you at a great price with a great experience



Included in Executive Express


  • Quarterly Financial Profit and Loss Statements

    Financial reports

    Finances are critical especially in the first 5 years of business. Without an effective tool to assess what your company’s financial performance has been, you may be risking the whole entire business. It is that serious. So we provide some help along the way with quarterly financial statements.

  • Email Marketing and SEO Campaign


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What good is business without customers or clients. We start out by reviewing your product or service and find the prospects that fits your target customer and revolve an email marketing campaign around them. This is a great way to gain exposure to your business.

  • Website Design and Development

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Professional web presence give your customers a place to review, learn, compare and purchase your products or services. This is another small business essential.

  • CoOp Advertising Campaign for Website


Executive Joe not only covers the website, email marketing and financial statements but we will also allow you to partner with us as we grow. This means that your business will be spotlighted with advertising and website exposure with Executive Joe.


Regional Executive


  • What the Executive Express offers plus

  • Sales Team Resources


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Would you like to have your sales performance to be a little stronger? Do you think it is time to get some outside help to facilitate in closing the calls? We have an answer for that too. We offer 15 hours of totally free sales time for your business to use our experienced representatives to help close your sales.

  • Marketing Plan Development


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So sales was good this past year right? But what about next season and next year? Will your products change? Will your pricing change? How about your target customer? We go in depth with you to construct a clear measurable marketing plan to adhere to and reconfigure if necessary.



  • Offers what the Regional Executive offer has plus

  • Business Plan Development


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To really close the deal and get your idea to investors for funding, you can go the extra mile to make sure that your plan is design and prepared professionally to not only present to investors but to keep a documented record of who your company is and where your company is headed.

  • Virtual Executive Assistant


  • Businesswoman

We researched and developed the ultimate small business package that covers all of your day to day needs without the costs involved in hiring an executive assistant or the time to find someone to do document drafting or set appointment reminders. We have developed a small business executive assistant service that encompasses a number of tools and additional assistance to ensure the success of your business. Some of the things included in this service include:

    • A designated executive assistant to help you with your day to day tasks
    • Appointment scheduling
    • Live phone answering
    • Appointment reminders
    • Document drafting
    • Access to legal counsel, accountants or other professional services when necessary
    • Call screening
    • Plus much more