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Ignite your business with powerful marketing tools to have your business explode with interest, increase in sales and grow in exposure.  It's simple, fast and easy.  We handle your email marketing, social media marketing, website and YouTube channel for only $149/month.

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Social Media Marketing

We create content, and update posts for LinkedIn Facebook and Instagram twice a week.  Additionally, we upload a video every month to your YouTube account to boost exposure and education about your products and services.

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Making a purchase easily shouldn't be an issue.  Setup your purchase online and ask any questions or concerns in regards to your service.  If we don't meet the expectations we set, we will complete a 100% refund.

Email Marketing

Email is an excellent tool to notify your community about promotions and additional services.  We design, develop and deliver emails for your business at the rate you choose within your package.  


If you want strong marketing strategy and content marketing push,  our services can compliment your marketing without using any login or access credentials.

Entrepreneurial  Coaching

We have business experts that strategically grow your business past local recognition to regional and global growth.

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Our packages have an easy one time only setup charge.  Afterward, there is a monthly charge that is deducted automatically every month.

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We are called


for a reason.

Social media is the one of the most powerful marketing tools on the planet.  It a cost effective, targeted, easy to use medium.  Virtually every industry uses it is some form or fashion and we saw the importance.  We mastered social media to give companies an easy experience with social media.  We want to give companies a way to market effectively without having to use their valuable time learning social media when we already did that for them.

Our Social Media Marketing Plan is made of three critical components.

Brand Awareness
It’s common for social media "gurus" to formulate generic strategies based on an indiscriminate quantity of daily posts and shares. We beg to differ.

We dig into your current presence, analytics and data to help clarify and produce new opportunities. And chart a specific, measurable plan for long-term social media success.

Then we can optimize your content and brand message according to the nuances of every social platform where you’re present. Content builds trust. Trust builds companies.

We identify, nurture and grow marketing leads that convert into paying customers using creative storytelling and persuasive messaging.

In a nutshell, we deliver ROI on your social media. That’s not a guarantee. It’s a promise.

We have mastered E-MAIL MARKETING

When was the last time you went a day without checking email?

Over half of all people that use the internet use and send email everyday. Email marketing can be an economical and highly effective way to get your business on the map. Here is why email marketing can be a successful addition to your marketing needs.

It’s Simple

Low Cost

It’s Easy to Track

Measurable Results

Fast Response


Targeted Marketing

Highly Personal

It’s Simple

Low Cost

It’s Easy to Track

Measurable Results

8 x social media posts per week.

(FB, Instagram & Twitter)

Same as Executive Package

Dedicated Executive Assistant for your business

A company YouTube channel with at least 10 posts per month

(Company needs to provide the video, we only post it)

Comprehensive Advising

Document Review

Subject Matter Expert Guarantee

Expert Report

All A La Carte services included

 Operations Consulting

Strategy Consulting

Marketing Consulting

1 Hour of Coaching per week

A La Carte


Setup Fee - $249
Setup Fee - $249

Executive Elite




“This is a great package which is extremely effective and a great price.”

Jonathan Davis
Co-Founder Demi Hona Investments


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